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Pokémon Sleep to receive maintenance on February 29th ahead of Version 1.3.0 update, with increases to max levels for Pokémon and certain main skills

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Pokémon Sleep Updates
Pokémon Sleep will enter a maintenance period this week on Thursday February 29th, ahead of a planned update of the software to Version 1.3.0. This maintenance period is expected to last for roughly 4 and a half hours, from 11:00am until 5:30am (UTC). This update will implement several features and adjustments announced by the developers earlier this month, as well increasing the maximum values for Research ranks, and Pokémon, main skill, and recipe levels.

Trial Bundle
Following this update, players will be able to purchase the new Trial Bundle from the in-game shop. This bundle can be purchased once per player, and will remain available until July 8th at 4:59am (UTC). The bundle contains the following set of items:
  • Diamonds (paid) ×150
  • Diamonds (bonus) ×350
  • Poké Biscuit ×10
  • Good Camp Ticket ×1
According to the patch notes, the following changes and bug fixes will be made in Version 1.3.0:
Points to Be Updated said:

New Features​

  • Addition of a new product, Trial Bundle.
  • Addition of a subsection on the Stats page (viewable from the Edit Teams screen) to display the effects of helper Pokémon’s sub skills.
    • This makes it possible to view each team member’s helping frequency with the effects of Helping Bonus applied.
  • When a player uses a Helper Whistle, the effects will be calculated based on the frequency listed under Helping Stats on the Stats page (viewable from the Edit Teams screen).
    • This applies the effects of the sub skill Helping Bonus when a Helper Whistle is used.
      Note: The effects of event bonuses or items such as a Good Camp Ticket are not applied when a Helper Whistle is used.
  • Addition of a new parameter to search Pokémon by: Sub Skills.
  • Addition of a new Relaxing Sound, “Game Sync.”

Sleep Tracking​

  • Changes to the End Sleep Session button so a session stops with a slide rather than a tap.
    • This makes it more difficult to end a sleep session by accidentally tapping the button.

Game Contents​

  • Research rank, helper Pokémon max levels, and other limits unlocked.
    • Research rank: 50 → 55
    • Pokémon level: 50 → 55
    • Max levels of certain main skills: 6 → 7
      • Charge Strength S
      • Charge Strength M
      • Dream Shard Magnet S
        Note: Other main skills’ max levels are scheduled to be gradually unlocked in later updates.
    • Recipe level: 50 → 55
    • Max expanded capacity of the bag’s items pocket: 600 → 700


  • Details added to explanatory text for certain items, such as the Helper Whistle and the Good Camp Ticket.
    Other small bug fixes.


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