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Pokémon Sleep updates to Version 1.2.0, with new recipes, quality of life changes for cooking, and buffs to the carry limits of several Pokémon

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Pokémon Sleep Updates
Pokémon Sleep has received an update today to Version 1.2.0. This new major patch adds some new features to make the process of checking recipes and cooking a little bit easier for Sleep Researchers, as well as making balance adjustments to the carry limits for a range of non-evolving Pokémon. The update has also fixed several unspecified small bugs.

According to the patch notes, the following changes and bug fixes were made in Version 1.2.0:
Points Updated said:

New Features​

  • Preparation for the “Valentine’s Day 2024” event.
  • Addition of 2 new Dessert/Drink recipes.
  • Addition of a feature that allows researchers to check their recipes at any time from the cooking pot on the home screen.
  • Addition of a feature that allows researchers to extend the effect duration of the Good Camp Ticket.
    • After using 1 Good Camp Ticket, researchers can use more to extend the duration up to a max of 60 days.
      Example: After using 1 Good Camp Ticket, a researcher uses 2 more tickets to extend the effect duration to 21 days (7 days × 3 tickets).
  • Addition of a feature that allows researchers to use multiple ingredients by tapping and holding on the ingredient while choosing ingredients for cooking.

Balance Adjustments​

  • Raising carry limits for helper Pokémon
    • Kangaskhan: +2
    • Pinsir: +2
    • Ditto: +4
    • Heracross: +3
    • Sableye: +6
    • Absol: +4


  • Fixes to other small bugs

As previously announced, the developers plan to make the following changes in an update around the end of February:
  • A display will be implemented on the Edit Teams screen to show the helping frequency with the effects of Helping Bonus reflected, and when a Helper Whistle is used, this value will be used.
  • The description text for the Helper Whistle will be adjusted to give more detail.


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