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Annihilape makes its Pokémon GO debut late next week as part of the Raging Battles event, which will run alongside the Timeless Travels GO Battle Week

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The Rage Monkey Pokémon Annihilape will be making make its Pokémon GO debut next week as part of the Raging Battles event, which will run alongside the GO Battle Week that was previously announced all the way back in November 2023. Both events will run from January 19th at 10:00am local time, through to January 24th at 11:59pm local time.

Primeape will evolve into Annihilape after 30 Ghost-type or Psychic-type Pokémon are defeated in battle with Primeape set as the buddy, however Trainers need not defeat these Pokémon with Primeape itself.

Raging Battles
Event Bonuses and Activities
The following event bonuses will be active throughout the event:
  • Team GO Rocket will appear more frequently at PokéStops and in balloons.
  • Throh and Sawk will both appear in the wild during the event, regardless of the Trainer's location.
Collection Challenges
Event-themed Collection Challenges will be available as part of this event. Trainers who complete these challenges will be able to receive 3 Fast TMs, 3 Charged TMs, and Stardust.

Timed Research and Field Research
Trainers will be able to purchase event-exclusive Timed Research for US$2.00 (or the equivalent pricing tier in each local currency). Completing these research tasks will award Trainers with 3 Rare Candy, 1 Rocket Radar, Stardust, and 2 Premium Battle Passes. All tasks associated with this Timed Research must be completed and their rewards must be claimed before January 24th, at 11:59pm local time.

Free event-themed Field Research tasks will also be available. Trainers completing the Field Research tasks will receive an encounter with a Mankey, which may appear as Shiny.

Pokémon Encounters
All Pokémon listed below with a ⁂ next to their name can also be encountered in their Shiny variants.

Wild encounters
The following Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild during this event:
  • Mankey ⁂
  • Machop ⁂
  • Lickitung ⁂
  • Gligar ⁂
  • Sableye ⁂
  • Throh ⁂
  • Sawk ⁂
  • Scraggy ⁂
The following Pokémon will be appearing in raids during this event:
  • One-Star Raids
    • Snubbull ⁂
    • Houndour ⁂
    • Pancham ⁂
    • Mareanie
  • Three-Star Raids
    • Primeape ⁂
    • Gyarados ⁂
    • Zweilous
GO Battle Week: Timeless Travels
This GO Battle Week will overlap with the simultaneous run of the Great League, Ultra League, and Master League.

Event Bonuses and Activities
During this week, the following bonuses will be active:
  • Trainers will receive 4× Stardust from win rewards (separate to the end-of-set rewards, and not stacking with the 4× Stardust bonus in January.)
  • The maximum number of sets Trainers can play per day will be increased from five to 10 - for a total of 50 battles - from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. local time.
GO Battle Weekend Timed Research
Both free and paid battle-themed Timed Research will be available over this Battle Weekend. All rewards from this Timed Research must be claimed before January 24th, at 11:59pm local time.

Completing the free Timed Research will award Trainers with the Ingo-Style Hat avatar item, among other rewards. The Paid Timed Research will be available for US$1.00 (or the equivalent pricing tier in each local currency), and will award Stardust, Rare Candy, and one Star Piece on completion. This Timed Research can also be gifted to any friend with a Friendship level of Great Friends or higher.


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