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What's GROWING on? A look at Bulbapedia's newest additions in March 2023

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The Bulbapedia encyclopedia is always growing here at Bulbagarden! Every single day, hundreds of edits are made around the clock by enthusiasts all over the world! Our staff team would like to take a moment and highlight some of our editors' biggest contributions that readers may have missed. Join us as we explore some of Bulbapedia's newest additions from March 2023!

Next Time... A New Beginning!

Ash's anime adventure is coming to a close, our anime team has been hard at work preparing the articles for Liko, Roy, and of course Nidothing as they begin their story in Pokémon Horizons: The Series and the manga adaptation Pocket Monsters! Who exactly are the Rising Volt Tacklers and the mysterious organization, the Explorers? What will the new anime specials New Series Pocket Monsters Pokémon Investigation Team and Pocket Monsters Music Festival show us? Stay tuned to our anime and manga sections during this exciting time to find out more about about our new protagonists!

The mash up we never knew we needed, Pokémon Mezase Catch 'em All, debuted on the official English and Japanese YouTube channels on March 10th, 2023. Staff member Abcboy documented this song for all to remember! Just one week later, Rica Matsumoto, performed her signature hit from 1997, Mezase Pokémon Master, on THE FIRST TAKE YouTube channel. Check out both videos below, and enjoy this BEST OF BEST OF BEST 1997-2023 anime theme song one last time.

A Blast from the Past

Abcboy, our resident games expert, has researched and documented the 2013 Top Secret Internal Team Plasma Genesect Video animated promotional video. Relive the wonders of Unova and Generation V, and learn more about Team Plasma mysterious "Project G" by checking out one of our newest articles.

The Game you Definitely Haven't Played

Have you heard of Pokémon Picross? No, not the one on Nintendo 3DS, we're talking about the cancelled game from 1999! Editor Boblers has compiled an excellent anthology of pages detailing this little-known Game Boy Color game. Take a look at the list of playable puzzles, the credits, and the main landing page for this long lost puzzle game.

Local Scientist Discovers New Footprints
Did you know that Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl provided new footprints for a number of Pokémon? Editor Team Rocket Grunt has compiled a list of Pokémon by footprint for Pokédex enthusiasts everywhere!

Are you Available to Talk?
Staff member Daniel Carrero has created an extensive overview on Pokémon availability. If you're curious about any subjects like permanently missable Pokémon or the Shiny Pokémon that are unobtainable, this is the page for you!

This Party's Got... NO LIMIT!
Starting March 1st, Pikachu and friends joined the NO LIMIT! Parade at Universal Studios Japan, and editor Luigitehplumber took a moment to write all about it! So grab a Splash! Squirtle Churritos from the Pokémon Food Court and take a look at our article on Universal Studios Japan!

Enjoy Beautiful Art in the Scarlet & Violet TCG
Our TCG team has written more than 400 articles for the new English and Japanese cards that released during the month of March, so check out our pages for the English Scarlet & Violet and Paldea Evolved expansions and the Japanese Triplet Beat subset to see them all. These sets feature Pokémon and characters from the Paldea region, and contain new Illustration Rare and Special Illustration Rare cards that spotlight the Pokémon’s personality traits. TCG editor Maverick Nate has included his favorites below for your viewing pleasure.


Accessories for All Ages

Speaking of TCG, staff member nuva-kal and editor PokéTimNL have updated our catalogues on Japanese and English TCG merchandise for the Scarlet & Violet Series. If you are in the mood to learn more about some cute TCG accessories, take a look! Who can resist these beautiful mouse Pokémon deckboxes?

Nothing More than a Rumor
It's only a rumor, but just as unusual Pokémon are thought to be Legendary or Mythical among people, it would seem that Trainers and Poké Balls are much talked about among Pokémon as well. This is the tale of that morning, when Snorunt heard the alluring but dangerous rumor from Druddigon.

Our work has begun on publishing translations of the Japanese Illust Story web-series. If we've grabbed your interest with this intro, check out the full story, Nothing But Rumors.

We hope you have enjoyed this journey through 10 of the most recent additions to our ever-growing encyclopedia. Join us again next month as we highlight the hard work our editors contribute during the month of April!
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Maverick Nate

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