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  • @Maverick Nate; If you mean the TCG, then yes there was a Phantom Soul Link promotional card featuring Mega Gengar. However, you had to buy special tickets beforehand to get the promotional card and since I'm not interested in the TCG I didn't get one.

    (Telling you by vm because the blog comments section hid my replies)
    Hi. I was wondering if you could approve a thread I made in the pokemon tcg forum. It says I needed a mod to approve it, so I was wondering if you could find it to approve it.
    Thank you.
    Oh!! You mean you just want the full corner visible? I thought you wanted them transparent on the corners - I don't know how to do that. Okay, that makes more sense XD I should be able to start in the next couple days :)
    They're all from the e-Card sets (Expedition Base Set, Aquapolis, Skyridge). I collect the e-Reader cards so I have lots of them. I will need my bf to help me with photoshop to make the corners round though.
    No sweat! Generally I tend to make most of my arguments on the talk pages but that thread is really great for opening up discussions and getting this stuff done (plus, if a page gets deleted, the discussion doesn't always get archived, whereas it does here on the forums, and that is a good thing imo). So I do try to keep up with them when I remember to :)
    VMs - which can be seen by regular users (and BM) may not be the best communication tool here. Perhaps PMs would work better?
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