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Pokémon Sleep updates to Version 1.0.15, new patch makes substantial quality of life and balance adjustments

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Pokémon Sleep Update Notice
Pokémon Sleep has received an update today to Version 1.0.15. This new update adds a number of new features to the game, including a variety of changes designed to help players earn additional candy to level and evolve their Pokémon, along with an assortment of adjustments to improve the general gameplay experience.

According to the patch notes, the following changes and bug fixes are being made in Version 1.0.15:

Update Contents said:

New Features​

  • Preparation for the Holiday Event
  • Daily Gifts added to the General Store
    Note: These are gifts that can be accepted once per day at no cost. Each gift contains one kind of item, such as Poké Biscuits or diamonds, chosen at random.

Game Contents​

  • Adjustments to make it easier to pick up Berries and ingredients by flicking
    Notes: The tap and flick response area has been increased, and this area can be changed based on the camera zoom status.
    Adjustments have been made to Swalot and other large Pokémon whose Berries had been hidden.
  • The friend list in the Research Community has been changed to show friends in order of the most recent to send research reports
  • The max capacity that the bag’s items pocket can be enlarged to has been changed from 500 to 600
  • The max capacity that the bag’s ingredients pocket can be enlarged to has been changed from 500 to 600
  • Play will now be temporarily suspended when the device’s time settings are repeatedly changed
  • On the Map screen, the numbers of Pokémon whose sleep styles haven’t been seen yet will be replaced with “???”
  • A notification has been added to inform users that they don’t have enough storage space if the device has less than 100 MB of storage space left
  • The max number of research reports that can be received through the research community has been changed to 50 per day
  • Adjustments to a case that caused sleep consistency grades to become considerably worse
    Note: Changes were made so that, when a user tracks sleep twice in one day but the longer sleep session tracking fails, the shorter sleep session’s tracking will not be included in the sleep consistency grade.

Balance Adjustments​

  • Number of candies received when sending certain Pokémon to the professor increased
    Example: Ivysaur candies increased from 5 to 7. Venusaur candies increased from 5 to 10.
  • Effectiveness of main skill Dream Shard Magnet S increased
    Example: At level 1, from 88 to 240. At level 6, from 568 to 1,260.
  • Effectiveness of main skill Extra Helpful S increased
    Example: At level 1, from 4 to 5. At level 6, from 9 to 10.
  • Adjustments so that when a Pokémon with a main skill specialty hasn’t had its main skill triggered after a certain number of times, it will become easier for the main skill to be triggered
  • The third “Get Snorlax to a certain rating” mission (the mission that has a reward of Pokémon incense) in the weekly missions was made easier to complete

Bug Fixes​

  • Notifications not displaying properly when the server is crowded
  • Pokémon in the Pokémon Box that have Natures that lower their Energy recovery recovering only up to 80 after sleep tracking
  • Bonus Biscuits that were given out automatically during sleep research not being counted towards “Give out X biscuits” missions
  • In certain very rare cases, the app becoming unable to proceed when linking it with an Apple ID

Bug Fixes Specific to Android​

  • News text not displaying properly when the text size is affected by Android devices’ font size settings


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