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Don't miss the Pokéthon 2023 charity marathon this weekend, June 9th-11th, raising money for Direct Relief

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Beginning this Friday June 9th at 12:00 noon US Pacific Time, a team of Pokémon Community Content Creators will be banding together in a three day charity streaming event for the sixth annual Pokéthon marathon, once again raising money on behalf of Direct Relief.

This year's team of creators includes GalacticElliot, AjentVee, GlitchXCity, Insaneintherain, StepthOfAnime, PulseEffects, SaltQueen, ScarecrowSketch, Keizaron, Emray, Shenanagans_, Reversal, Trainer Tips, TheKruiseShip, and many more.

This year's event is expected to run for a total of 36 hours spread over three days, running for 12 hours from 12:00 noon US Pacific Time on this Friday 9th, Saturday 10th, and Sunday 11th. Pokéthon 2023 will once again be held as a remote event, with contributing creators streaming directly from their homes, rather than having the team all physically meet up in one location. Some events planned to be featured over the 3-day weekend include: Pokémon Bingo, Pokéthon Family Feud, Pokémon Speedruns, and metronome battles. You can see a full schedule in your local timezone by clicking through to their website here. The team will also be offering various incentives to help in reaching donation goals throughout the event.

Direct Relief
Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 US states and more than 80 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies – without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay. Their Fund for Health Equity was created to increase access to healthcare and improve health outcomes for marginalized communities, through providing funding support to on-the-ground organizations working in focused ways to reduce health disparities, such as those that have been exposed since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. These activities include things such as providing healthy food to patients, offering street medicine to people experiencing homelessness, doing outreach in rural minority communities, and training diverse new members of the health care workforce.

The stream will be broadcast directly on the Pokéthon Twitch channel at https://twitch.tv/Pokethon. Bulbagarden is proud to be sponsoring this year's event, and we'll once again be embedding the stream on the Bulbapedia front page, and in the sidebar on the Bulbagarden forums, for the dutation of the event. For more information, event updates, and announcements, you can follow the Pokéthon team on Twitter at @Pokethon, and visit their official website, pokethon.net.


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