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  • Hello! I've seen that you are a person who always keeps an eye on the current English dub, so I'd like yo ask you a favor. Could you tell me the specific dates where SM021, SM022, SM023 and SM024 have aired in Disney XD after their premiere dates?
    SM021: 7/26 & 8/30
    SM022: 7/9 & 7/27
    SM023: 7/16 & 7/28
    SM024: 7/23

    All four also aired on 9/1.

    Not sure exactly how useful it'll be, but here it is.
    Thanks a lot! It's what I needed.
    Hello, I just recently joined Bulbapedia and the forums and I wanted to ask you if I could edit a page: I was wondering if I could edit the Stoutland page, specifically the name origin section. I wanted to include "Its name might also come from Newfoundland, a breed of dog with a similar appearance". Or something like that.

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