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Pokémon Games and Nintendo Switch OLED consoles are up for grabs in Bulbagarden's 2022 Holiday Contests

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The holiday season is once again upon us, so ìt's past time that we here at Bulbagarden got the ball rolling with our annual Holiday Contests!

This year, we have a total of four separate contests running over the holiday period, with more than $2000 USD of prizes up for grabs.

This year's contests are...
  • 12 Days of Trivia: Our classic trivia contest, featuring 12 days worth of tricky trivia to test your knowledge of the Pokémon franchise (or at the very least, your ability to search for things on Bulbapedia).
    • This year's 12 questions will be posted up for you to puzzle over in the Bulbagarden Forums thread linked above on Monday December 12th. Entries will close on Saturday December 24th.
  • Fantabulous Festivities – Creative Holiday Challenge: To all you creative types out there, we've got a holiday themed challenge for you to pour your holiday spirit into. Have trouble coloring between the lines? Not a problem, this contest tests your creative flair and not just your steady hand.
    • You can start working on your entries immediately! The entry form for the Creative Holiday Challenge will be available later this month live via the Bulbagarden Forums thread linked above, with entries closing on Saturday December 31st.
  • Rapidash Trivia: A battle of wits and speed as you test your knowledge of the Pokémon franchise in a real time contest where only the fastest will win! You can either win a round to win an instant prize, or collect points with every round to claim a prize at the top of our leaderboard.
    • Rapidash Trivia in 2022 will be run over 16 rounds on the Bulbagarden Discord server. The first round will run on Friday December 16th, with rounds every 6 hours after that until the contest finishes on Monday December 19th. See the Bulbagarden Forums thread linked above for more details including roundtimes converted to several common timezones.
  • Bulbagarden Holiday Raffle: Finding the other contests a bit too challenging? Or just don’t have the time to enter everything? No need to feel left out, we’re also running an additional raffle this year! Help us share the news of our contests with your friends and family on social media to earn yourself bonus entries!
    • The Bulbagarden Holiday Raffle is open for entries right now, with entries closing on Saturday December 31st. You can enter this raffle via the Gleam widget below, or if that's not showing for you, by going directly to the Gleam landing page for this contest.
Bulbagarden Holiday Raffle 2022

Prize winners this year will each receive a Nintendo Switch Pokémon title of their choice, or an equivalent value in readily available Pokémon merchandise.
Grand Prize winners for the 12 Days of Trivia and the Bulbagarden Holiday Raffle will additionally receive a Nintendo Switch OLED Console (special edition models subject to availability).

If you have any questions regarding any of these contests, please direct these either to the appropriate forums thread for that contest (linked above), or to the #bulbamas2022 channel on our Discord. An FAQ for more general questions can be found here.

Best of luck to everyone, and may the biggest Pokéfans win.

Happy holidays, everyone!


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