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More concept art and cast information released for the upcoming new Pokémon anime series, with the first look at the mysterious Explorers

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Amejio and Ceruledge
After the broadcast of the most recent anime episode in Japan earlier tonight, we finally have a name for the mysterious character for the new Pokémon anime series first seen in the background of the main visual released on March 3rd. Amejio (アメジオ) is a member of an organisation called the Explorers, who seem to have an agenda that puts them at odds with Liko and Roy. The new Pokémon series will begin broadcasting on TV Tokyo in Japan with a 1 hour special starting 6:55pm (JST) on April 14th.

Amejio will be voiced by Shun Horie (堀江 瞬), a Japanese voice actor and singer who is perhaps best known for his role as the voice behind Pierre in THE iDOLM@STER: SideM. He previously portrayed Lucas in Pokémon Masters EX.
Shun Horie - Voice of Amejio said:
I thought I must be seeing a hallucination or something.

もしスタジオに着いて「何しに来たんですか?」と言われたら…とどきどきしていましたが、予定通り収録が始まったので僕はちゃんとアニポケに出演出来るみたいです! とても嬉しいです。あの日、ポケモン達に勇気をもらったように、今度は僕が演者としてみんなに勇気を与えられたらと思います。
In case I'd arrived at the studio and was asked "What have you come here for?"... my heart was pounding, but the recording started as planned, so it looks like I'm really appearing in the Pokémon anime! I'm very happy. Just like the Pokémon game me courage on that day, this time I want to give courage to everyone as a performer.

初めて自分のお金で買ったゲームが『ポケットモンスター サファイア』でした。あの頃は攻撃技でゴリ押しタイプだった僕も、今や立派に「なきごえ」や「いやなおと」も使いながらバトルできるようになりました。そんな大人な僕が演じるアメジオは、ティーンエイジャーながら何やら重たい使命を背負っているようです。
The first game I bought with my own money was Pokémon Sapphire. At the time, I was the type to bulldoze through things with attack moves, but now I've become able to splendidly use moves like Growl and Screech in battle. Amajio, played by an adult like me, seems to be carrying some sort of heavy obligation on his back, despite that he's a teenager.

What will Amajio have to do with Liko and the others? By all means, please confirm it with your own eyes!

Jiru and Konia, with their respective partner Pokémon Rhydon and Golduck
In addition to Amejio, we also got our first looks today at two more members of the Explorers, Jiro and Konia, along with their partner Pokémon Rhydon and Golduck.

Jiro (ジオ) is voiced by Kōsuke Tanabe (田邊 幸輔), who has previously played a number of minor roles in the Pokémon anime, most notably Masaru in Pokémon Evolutions, and the Project Mew Challenger Sterling during Pokémon Journeys.

Konia (コニア) is voiced by Arisa Shida (志田 有彩), a relatively new voice actress who will be playing the role of Peach in the Japanese dub of the upcoming Super Mario Bros movie. This is her first Pokémon-related role.

We've also been given a glimpse of Gurumin (ぐるみん), an apparently popular costumed character. Gurumin is voiced by Yoshino Aoyama (青山 吉能), who is perhaps best known for her role as Hitori Gotō in the recent anime Bocchi the Rock!. Including them in this announcement seems to imply that they have some sort of connection to the Explorers, however their face and true identity remain hidden for now.


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