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Japanese press release details titles and descriptions for episodes 4 through 7 of Aim to be a Pokémon Master, Ash & Pikachu's Anime Epilogue Arc

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Titles and descriptions for episodes four through seven for Ash and Pikachu's final chapter, Pocket Monsters: Aim to be a Pokémon Master (currently airing Fridays at 6:55pm on TV Tokyo) have been announced in a Japanese press release, together with screenshots of scenes from each episode. The titkes of episodes four and five were revealed earlier this month in the February issue of Animage magazine, however this is our first in-depth informatiomn about the plot of these episodes. This epilogue arc began airing in Japan earlier this month, starting on January 13th.

Pocket Monsters: Aim to be a Pokémon Master follows Ash on a new journey with his old friends, Misty (voiced by Mayumi Iizuka) and Brock (voiced by Yūji Ueda), where he reunites with past companions and Pokémon from the various regions he has travelled in. Cilan (voiced by Mamoru Miyano), his companion from the Best Wishes arc, returned in episode 3, however did not join the team on their continuing journey.

The opening theme for the series in Japan is Aim to be a Pokémon Master -with my friends-, a remake of the original 1997 theme set against a backdrop of highlights from Ash and Pikachu's 25 years of journeying. A remix of the original English language Pokémon Theme is expected to be used for the international release, and promotional videos for the arc on Pokémon's official English language social media accounts have already featured the original song.

Friday, February 3rd: Beartic's Sigh! 「ツンベアーのためいき!」
As Ash, Pikachu and the gang continue their journey, they call upon a certain mountain in order to see the extremely rare sight of Magikarp swimming up a waterfall. There, they meet a Beartic. Ash gets excited seeing Beartic freezing everything around with its strong Ice power. However, for some reason Beartic seems to have something troubling it... ?

Friday, February 10th: Get fired up! Squirtle Fire Department!!「もえよ!ゼニガメしょうぼうだん!!」
港町にやってきたサトシとピカチュウたち。人だかりを覗いてみると、かつて共に旅をしたゼニガメ率いる、ゼニガメ消防団のショーが行われていた! 今やゼニガメ消防団はたくさんの人に愛される人気者になっていたのだ!!ショーを楽しむサトシたち。一方、ロケット団はゼニガメ消防団のマネージャーになって何やら企んでいるみたい…!?
Ash, Pikachu, and the gang have arrived at the harbour town. Peeking through the crowd, the Squirtle Fire Department were giving a show, led by Ash's old Squirtle! The Squirtle Fire Brigade have become popular public figures, loved by everyone!! Ash and the gang enjoy their show. Team Rocket on the other hand seem to have become the managers of the Squirtle Fire Department for some kind of scheme... !?

Friday, February 17th: And finally, watching the same moon! 「そして、おなじ月をみている!」
旅の途中、のどかな自然の中でまどろんでいたサトシたちをロケット団が襲う。何とか撃退したものの、ロケット団と一緒にピカチュウまで空の彼方に飛んで行ってしまった! 離れ離れになったサトシとピカチュウは合流しようと、お互いを捜すが…。離れていても心はひとつ―。ふたりは再会することはできるのか…!?
During their journey, Ash and the gang are assaulted by Team Rocket while they're dozing off in the middle of a serene natural environment. While they manage to drive them off, Pikachu is sent flying off together with Team Rocket! The separated Ash and Pikachu search for each other to join back up, but... . Even apart, their hearts are one. Will the two be able to have their reunion... !?

Friday, February 24th: Riding Lapras♪ 「ラプラスにのって♪」
サトシとピカチュウは、かつて一緒に旅をしたラプラスと再会する。ラプラスは何やら助けを求めている様子…。ラプラスに案内されてやってきた島には、なんと洞窟の穴にはまって抜けられなくなったホエルコがいた! あの手この手でホエルコを穴から出そうとするが、果たして救い出すことができるのか!?
Ash and Pikachu reunite with the Lapras who previously travelled together with them. Lapras seems to be wanting to request their assistance with something... . With Lapras leading the way, they come to an Island where a Wailmer is stuck in a hole inside a cavern and can't get out! Attempting various measures to get Wailmer out of the hole, will they be able to rescue them!?

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