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Sycamore & Gogoat make their Pokémon Masters EX debut in a set of Seasonal Scouts

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Continuing on from the recent launch of the new Focus on the Shining Shot! Story Event in Pokémon Masters EX, the new holiday-themed 5★ sync pair Sycamore & Gogoat are making their debut today in a set of Seasonal Scouts. These scouts will be available until December 29th, at 9:59pm (PST).

Professor Sycamore's 6★ EX outfit
Sycamore (Holiday 2023) & Gogoat are a Grass-type Support Sync Pair with an unlockable Strike (Physical) EX Role. When raised to 6★ EX, Sycamore's outfit is shifted to a seasonally appropriate red and green design with a white jacket. Sycamore & Gogoat provide both offensive and defensive support to their allies. Offensively, they can lower all opponents Grass Type Rebuff by 1 rank once per battle with the combination of their Grass-Type Research Results Passive Skill and their Razor Leaf attack; and raise the critical-hit rate of all allies by 2 stat ranks with their Dire Hit All + status move. Defensively, their Group Grass Guard Passive Skill reduces the damage all allies take when attacked by Grass-type moves, while their Let's All Have a Battle! status move allows them to raise the Defense and Sp. Def of all allies by 4 stat ranks, and their Speed by 2 stat ranks. More details about this sync pair can be found on Bulbapedia.

Sycamore's Seasonal Scout gives players a bonus present for the first three times players perform a Sync Pair Scout x11, awarding a Support Move Candy Coin each time. This Seasonal Scout also include a daily discount, where players can perform a single scout for x100 paid gems. This daily discount can be used 1 time per day during the entire length of the scout.

In addition to the regular Seasonal Scout, players can also take advantage of a Sycamore Seasonal Tiered Scout. This scout has ten tiers, each of which is a Sync Pair Scout ×11. Players are able to scout once on each tier by using Paid Gems, with the amount of gems increasing with each tier. Additionally, Tiers 5 and grants the player special tickets to use in an associated Sycamore Seasonal Featured Ticket Scout and Sycamore Seasonal Guaranteed Ticket Scout.
  • Tier 1: 300 Paid Gems
  • Tier 2: 900 Paid Gems
  • Tier 3: 1,500 Paid Gems
  • Tier 4: 2,000 Paid Gems
  • Tier 5: 3,000 Paid Gems - 5★ Great Scout Ticket R
  • Tier 6: 2,000 Paid Gems
  • Tier 7: 2,500 Paid Gems
  • Tier 8: 2,500 Paid Gems
  • Tier 9: 2,500 Paid Gems
  • Tier 10: 3,000 Paid Gems - 5★ Master Scout Ticket R
The Sycamore Seasonal Scout and Sycamore Seasonal Tiered Scout will both run until December 29th at 9:59pm (PST). The associated Ticket Scout meanwhile runs through to January 5th, 2024, at 9:59pm (PST).


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