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Pokémon community power: Fans rally around Pokémon GO Fest NYC attendee who lost precious Bulbasaur plushie

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Pokémon GO Fest in New York City
Over the three-day weekend of August 18th, 19th, and 20th, over 70,000 players convened in New York City for the biggest Pokémon GO event to ever take place in the United States. Trainers from around the country came together to catch special Pokémon, participate in exclusive events, and explore the city with fellow Pokémon GO fans. One Trainer’s weekend, however, began sorrowfully:

The online Pokémon community quickly moved into action, with respondents on Twitter asking where Little Cabbage was lost and posting the story in their local Pokémon GO Discords. The original Tweet gained hundreds of reposts as Trainers across the city kept an eye out for the missing Bulbasaur. Even members of the Pokémon GO and Niantic staffs got word of the search, and presented @pinkprincess1 with a new friendly Bulbasaur plushie from New York City’s Pokémon Center.

As terrible as I feel absolutely about my beloved Pokémon plushie, I am also feeling equally in full force the care and support I have been receiving from so many about this... I want to say that I am very thankful and very grateful that so many across the Pokémon community and gaming community as a whole came out to support me. I really appreciate it. -pinkprincess1 via Twitter

Fortunately, @pinkprincess1 was able to continue with her
In a way, this is synchronous to the ideals and message behind Pokémon, as a whole. The connection to community and to each other, with reminders that as long as you have your friends by your side, it is going to be okay and that anything is possible. - @pinkprincessin1 via Twitter
Pokémon-themed weekend in New York City, catching new Pokémon and taking some cute pictures, even without her Little Cabbage. Her adventure will continue now with Kohlrabi, the name of the new Bulbasaur, keeping in theme with the plant theme of Little Cabbage's name. "He represents all the care and support I have been fortunate to receive..." @pinkprincess1 said of Kohlrabi. "He is not the same, but he is just as special."

While the original Bulbasaur plushie is, as of now, still missing, Pokémon GO Fest and the efforts of the Trainers there to find it are reminders of the tangible community that represents Pokémon and the connection, support, and togetherness we can achieve.


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