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Pearl’s Sonic (& Other Stuff) Sprite Work! :3

Jan 4, 2023
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Hi everybody! Recently, I’ve gained a passion for sprite art (specifiacally with Sonic and the Advance-style sprites) after having some free time during art class. I’l be posting my work her occasionally here, and I hope ya’ll like ‘em!

As for requests, probably not gonna happen. …Yet, at least. I wanna polish up my skills a bit so that I don’t end up taking a request and it ends up looking bad and everyone’s unhappy. So fn, be patient, I will open up requests soon! :3

For now…

Dark Sonic Sprite (Aura).gif

Dark Sonic (Sonic X)
Super Sonic Cyber Advance 1 Style.gif

Super Sonic Cyber (Sonic Frontiers)
Vessel (2).png

Vessel (Deltarune)
Optimus Prime ABT.gif

Optimus Prime (Angry Birds Transformers)
Knuckles Sprite W.I.P.png

Advance Knuckles W.I.P (Sonic Advance 1 to 3)
Yo, i’m back with more sprite art! :3

Knuckles Sprite.png

Knuckles (Sonic Advance)
Semi-Super Knuckles.png

An idea I had for an inbetween for Super Forms in Sonic, Semi-Super! I don’t have any lore for this unfortunately ^^"
Sonic to Super Sonic 2 Transformation (1).gif

A sorta-animated transformation from Sonic to Super Sonic to Super Sonic 2!
Sonic to Super Sonic 2 Transformation.gif

And a loopless version! :3

And now, for some non-Sonic Advance sprite art!
Blue Paratroopa Remade (M&L) (2).png

My attempt at doing the Mario & Luigi artstyle with a Blue Paratroopa!
Herrissmon Anniversary Edition.png

Some art I did of Herissmon from Digimon ReArise (i miss it so much) with colors inspired by it’s Mega forms (Rasenmon) Anniversary color scheme!
Filmon Sprite W.I.P (1).png

And finally, a W.I.P. of Herissmons Champion evolution, Filmon/Filemon!

That’s all for now! Hope you like it! :3
It’s that time again
Dark World Vess Sprite v2.png

Dark World Vess Sprite v2 (Vision).png

Dark World Vess Sprite v2 (Battle).png

Dark World Vess Sprite v2 (BattleVision).png



Some Deltarune sprite art! Wanted to practice drawing the Vessel (well, mine at least…) so I decided to use Kris’ sprites as a base. I’ll probably touch these up soon though.
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