Pokémon Sleep to receive maintenance ahead of launch of Version 1.0.9, update will allow Pokémon to recover Energy from sleep while in the Pokémon Box

Pokémon Sleep - Updates
Pokémon Sleep will enter a maintenance period tomorrow on September 26th, from 1:00am (UTC), ahead of a planned update of the software to Version 1.0.9. This maintenance period is expected to last for roughly 4 and a half hours, until 5:30am (UTC). The Version 1.0.9 update implements several quality of life changes for app users on both Android and iOS devices, as well as resolving several minor gameplay bugs.

According to the patch notes, the following changes and bug fixes are being made in Version 1.0.9:
Points to Be Updated said:
Game Contents
  • Changes to make Pokémon in the Pokémon Box recover a small amount of Energy from sleep
  • Changes to when fonts for other languages will be downloaded: when they become needed for display (this will apply to users who install or reinstall the app in the future)
  • Changes to give a gift of diamonds to users who link their accounts or who have already linked accounts
  • Changes to allow users to navigate to their bag from the Gift Box screen when the gift cannot be accepted because the bag’s items pocket is full
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes to a bug that caused adjustments based on Pokémon Natures not to be reflected when using candies to gain EXP
  • Fixes to a bug that caused multiple messages to be unintentionally sent in a single day to the research community (when sleep is tracked twice in one day, the results of only the first sleep research session will be sent to friends)
  • Fixes to a bug that caused session photos not to be displayed when the graphic quality was set low
  • Fixes to a bug that caused Error 028001 to occur when the Auto Cook button was pressed repeatedly
These changes are not necessarily exhaustive, and other changes and bug fixes may also be implemented.
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