Pokémon Sleep's next Good Sleep Day event will begin next Thursday, on September 28th

Snorlax and Pikachu sleeping under the full moon
The dates for Pokémon Sleep's second ever Good Sleep Day event have now been confirmed. The event will run from Thursday September 28th through to Saturday September 30th. These events are planned to be held in Pokémon Sleep once every lunar month, starting the day before the full moon, and ending the day after. Though no official confirmation has yet been given, it is presumed that this Good Sleep Day event will follow the exact same format as the previous event.

Average sleep durations of players during the debut Good Sleep Day event were apparently 11 minutes longer than average compared to sleep recorded in the Pokémon Sleep app on other days, suggesting players made an active effort to get the most out of these events to boost their snoozy studies with Snorlax.

Presuming that the same format is followed, players should receive the following bonuses on the first and last days of this latest Good Sleep Day event:
  • Drowsy Power x1.5
  • Pokémon Sleep EXP x2
  • Bonus Sleep Points +500
These bonuses would be increased for Friday September 29th, the day of the full moon, to:
  • Drowsy Power x2
  • Pokémon Sleep EXP x3
  • Bonus Sleep Points +1000
A Good Sleep Day Bundle, offering a selection of items which may include biscuits and incense, is also expected to be available in the in-game shop from the day before the event.
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