New cards from Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic officially revealed, to be made available for purchase separate from the Classic set in February 2024

Pre-orders for the upcoming Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic, first revealed during the Pokémon Day presentation in February this year, were shadow dropped earlier on the U.S. and Canadian Pokémon Center Online stores. While these pre-orders were rapidly sold out, eager fans can still get their hands on the set at participating retailers from November 17th, with sets retailing for an MSRP of $399.99 USD. Also revealed today were the new cards that will see their first release together with this classic set, including Lugia ex, Ho-Oh ex, and Suicune ex, as well as a Mr. Mime card that had previously only been available as part of the so-called Vending Machine Series in Japan in 1998.

While initially it was believed that these new cards would be exclusive to the Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic set, it's now been announced that these cards will also be made available in a separate product that will be sold from February 2024. It's not yet known what form this product will take, and if this includes only these brand new cards, or also the reprint versions of the classic cards as well.

Created as a collaboration between The Pokémon Company, Creatures Inc., and design firm nendo, the Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic set includes 3 separate preconstructed decks centered around the Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise cards from the original Base Set, as well as a toolbox of premium gameplay accessories including card sleeves, conical shaped aluminum stackable damage counters, ring-shaped Poison and Burn markers, and a foldable game board with fabric surface that doubles as a carrying case for all of the components of the set. All cards in the pre-constructed decks, apart from the Basic Energy cards, will not be legal for tournament play, making this set exclusively for collectors, and for fans wanting to experience the game in a form closer to what it was when it first released.

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New cards
Lugia ex
Ho-oh ex
Suicune ex
Mr. Mime
Sun Seed
Scorching Charcoal
Drops in the Ocean

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Professor Oak
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