Pokémon Coquelicot theme now available on the LINE app for users in Asia

Pokémon Coquelicot theme for LINE, featuring Eevee surrounded by flowers
The Pokémon Company has launched a new Theme for the LINE app called Pokémon Coquelicot, featuring Eevee surrounded by various a plethora of flowers including mimosas, baby blue eyes, and the titular coquelicots.

As of writing, this theme appears to only be available to LINE users in a selection of Asian countries. It can be purchased in the LINE shop for ¥370 in Japan, or in other countries at the local currency equivalent of the USD$2.99 price tier.

While we are aware of other reporting claiming this is also available to users in the United States, we have not been able to access the theme ourselves in the LINE store from US-based IP addresses at this time.
Archaic Written by Archaic