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  • Hatoful Boyfriend is 40% off on Steam as of today, until Sunday. Perfect coincidence, huh?
    Thanks Scampy, it's nice to hear from you! I'll have to get a proper life update from you at some point, feel free to message me on skype if you ever want a chat :)
    Oh and by the way, I've got a new 3ds, the fc is 2079-9025-7630. Might also be a good idea to delete my old fc from your 3ds too unless you want to make friends with the person who stole mine.
    Oh wow I wasn't expecting you to have actually been there, that's pretty cool. Definitely one of the places I'd like to see if I ever go to the US, they've got that pier with all the sea lions on it, I'd probably live under there if it weren't for the smell :\

    That's ok, I haven't had the time to be around much either. One of the many side effects of that very overrated "work" thing.
    Sorry for the late reply, as I was unwell for around a week.

    Yeah, I am still open for your opinion. It should preferably be about 3 - 5 sentences long, like a paragraph.
    Could you please provide me your opinion on Rattata and Raticate? I believe you like the rat/mouse Pokemon, so it would be great if you could contribute to my Normal-type reviews. It should preferably have 3 sentences max (or 4 if you want to). Sorry if the request seems abrupt.
    Really? Well I took the time and effort to respond to you through a potato, so it looks like the honour is all yours!

    Thanks for the birthday greetings
    Yeah, I heard from Iteru. Forgot to say something about it though. Slipped my mind. x_x Apologies.
    If it's fine with you guys, we might need some admin assistance with F&G's Halloween event this year. Linking socks to their main accounts of course.
    It's nothing important. Was just wondering if Admin CP lets you see if accounts are linked or not, and what options are there if you can.
    Like for example... mine.
    Only curious since account linking was an important factor in Halloween Threads on here. IIRC, either admins or someone higher can check this stuff.
    Used to be anyone, but the feature is gone now for some reason.
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